Firefighter Training Schedule     



Omak Fire Department Practice/Training:
                      7PM Every Wednesday excluding holidays


First Wednesday of each month:
 6PM Officers Meeting 7PM General Meeting


Retired Members With 25 Years or More of Service



Rick Baldwin
Cal Bowling, Retired Fire Chief
Eddie Freel
Joe Gariano
Jerry Gregerson
Darrell Harris
Steve James
Brian Pyper

Scott Robbins
Bob Roberts

Les Sutton

Dave Womack

Jeff Harris





1 Years of Service


10 Years of Service

Justin Osborne


15 Years of Service

Jeff Thomas

25 Years of Service

Susie Ortiz

Bill Joseph

28 Years of Service

Jeff Harris



                      Our Mission Statement



The mission of the Omak Volunteer Fire Department is to provide protection of life, property and the environment. Accomplished through fire suppression, fire prevention education, rescue operations and community involvement. With resources allocated and the authority granted we will provide to the citizens and visitors of the City of Omak quality cost effective emergency services.

Susie Ortiz

Aaron Stanley


Omak Fire Department Volunteers 



        Fire Prevention Tips



Protection, Planning and Practice

Approximately 80% of all United States fire deaths occur in the home. Every year fire kills approximately six thousand Americans. Ensure the safety of your family by following 3 P's Program: Protection, Planning and Practice.

     Omak Fire Hall Contacts

Fire Chief Kevin Bowling
Phone: 509-826-0760
Located at 16 North Ash Street

Justin Osborne


Kevin Bowling
Fire Chief


Not Pictured



Tom Brantner


Chris Bowling

Brien Bowling

Steve Clark

Nick Christoph

Brad Freel

Audie Gann

Fire District 3 Commissioner


In Memory of

Bill Joseph

Ray Lamb


2016 Line Officers


Assistant Chief
Dan Wood

Bill Joseph
Ray Lamb

Tom Brantner
Justin Osborne
Aaron Stanley

2017 Business Officers

President, Brian Baker
Vice President, Will Knowlton
Secretary, Kamielle Sachse
Treasurer, Janell Bowling
Trustee, Dan Wood
Safety Officer, Donnie Smith
Safety Officer, Thomas McNulty


Chad Sheets

Dan Wood
Assistant Chief


Darren Pfitzer


The Omak Volunteer Fire Department held its 2016 banquet on Saturday February 25th. Statistics and awards are as follows:

·         Omak Firefighters responded to 272 calls for service in 2016. 132 calls inside the City and 140 calls outside the City.  64 fires with one fire related fatality;  103 rescue & emergency medical calls;  5 excessive heat with no ignition;  9 hazardous conditions with no fire;  8 service calls;  52 good intent calls;  31 false calls.

·         Omak fire provided mutual aid to the City of Okanogan 10 times,  Fire District 7- 9 times & fire district 9- 3 times.

·         Dollar loss inside the City $669,000.00 & Fire District 3 $685,000.00 for a total of $1,354,000.00.

·         1,445 man hours were spent on fire calls and 2,469 man hours spent training

·         2017 Line Officers: Assistant Chief Dan Wood, Captain’s Bill Joseph & Ray Lamb, and Lieutenant’s Aaron Stanley, Justin Osborne & Tom Brantner.


·         One year of service certificates given to: Brian Baker, Michael Haller, Will Knowlton & Kamielle Sachse.


·         Anniversary awards were given to: Justin Osborne for 10 years of service, Jeff Thomas for 15 years of service, Susie Ortiz & Bill Joseph for 25 years of service. Jeff Harris received a retirement award for 28 years of service.


·         Most fires award went to Susie Ortiz for responding to 180 calls.

·         100 call club includes:

·         Tom Brantner 132 calls

·         Brad Freel 108 calls

·         Will Knowlton 113 calls

·         Thomas McNulty 156 calls

·         Susie Ortiz 180 calls

·         Dawson Sachse 102 calls

·         Aaron Stanley 140 calls

·         Dan Wood 159 calls 


     2016 Omak Fire Department Statistics

Omak Fire Department

2010 Line Officers


Brian Baker, President  
Janell Bowling, Treasurer  
Sasha Brantner

Megan House

Will Knowlton, Vice President
Anthony Walker
Michael Haller
Jonathan Walker
Shelby Walker
Chris Marcolin

Robert Virant


Donnie Smith

Safety Officer

Dawson Sachse


Kamielle Sachse



Thomas McNulty

Safety Officer


Jeff Thomas